My little angels

I have 2 little daughters. They are Aulia and Kezia. Aulia was born on June, 1st, 2002 in Kupang. Now, she is in 3rd grade at SD Inpres Maulafa.


Kezia was born in Bandung on December, 21, 2009. She was born when I studied at ITB for my master. Both of them are beautiful. I love them so much. They are my little angels.


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2 Responses to My little angels

  1. Ayu says:

    Wah, cantik-cantik ya anaknya.

  2. rosewita says:

    tell more about your family… so that, everyone can see how wonderful life you have… how wonderful family, and how great your behave when you have to face miserable things during your life out there. hope this will encourage and add the most unforgetable experince you ever have

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